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Consistent | Proactive | Pre-planned | Purchasing

Welcome to the Karl Auto Group’s exclusive new program designed to assist us all in today’s issues with the three dominant manufacturers. Today’s order banks open and close in a few hours, versus historically being open for several months, which causes mass confusion and frustration. We at the Karl Auto Group understand how this affects your fleets and adds to rising costs in maintenance, vehicle shortages, and budget shortfalls.

Therefore, we created the "C3P"(Consistent, Proactive, Pre-Planned, Purchasing) program committed to help you track, maintain and monitor your fleets. We will assist by taking your current fleet and combine this with canceled orders, over-stock orders and 
pre-planning of future budgeted vehicles. As our customer, we can take this information and even locate vehicles as they become available, ensuring that we match up these excess vehicles as quickly as possible with the needs of our customers. 

Furthermore, if you have any future needs or "Wish List" vehicles you anticipate, the C3P System can notify our staff of available/unsold units and cross reference those with units on a department's "Watch List."

To get started, follow the link below to our registration page where you can submit your fleet information and Wish List Items to our staff.

C3P Order Banks will open every year on November 1st and remain open until November 30th

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