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When I started this process 5-6 months ago I had done my homework. I spoke with and looked at many different vehicles. Other people I met with that had been through the same process, basically said to check with Karl's Chevrolet Emergency. I was very impressed with their work and everyone was saying they are there for you all [the] time. I have to say it was the best choice by far to let Karl's Emergency build the City of Sioux Rapids a new vehicle. It was everything they said it would be and more. Awesome job, best service around, if I needed anything they are there to help. I drove it off the lot ready to go to work. Everyone was very helpful from start to finish. Thanks to everyone, Dennis, and the technicians. Take my word for it, just stop in the shop and check it out. The team at their shop is very proud of the work they do for any emergency vehicles, just check out my sweet Tahoe.

-Chief Porter, Sioux Rapids Police Department

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